Welcome to LVN Studio

A large logo was key to reflect the importance of the brand message and to initiate preventive measures against those priorities. When designing this new logo, we focused on injecting a message of trust with the idea of replacing familiar logos that are ubiquitous in our world.’

The era of big logo’s is definitely here. The new NBCUniversal logo is the most ubiquitous big logo out there. A web site greets you with the familiar question, ‘Will this search result help you find what you want?” The new logo doesn’t change its content but certainly doesn’t make you want to go there. It doesn’t need to. It’s not designed to be interesting. It’s designed to deliver printed material. A successful webpage should be.

And this website, designed by London-based J2 Design, is just that. It’s a functional website that gives users easy access to all the information that they want but that they might want to skip right over. The logo isn’t explicitly “designed” but the content it contains is, so it’s definitely designed. The leonine block letters deliver the message, kind of.

The web site also includes collateral for the project, a range of photographs shot by Eric Huynh which serve as a visual theme for the site and provide “a contextual filter through which you can view the archive images and write comments.”