Welcome to LVN Studio
Welcome to LVN Studio. Tel Aviv is our home. The world is our habitat. The future of workspace is our concern.

Our areas of expertise

  • An multi disciplinary practice operating within the traditional boundaries of architecture and urbanism.

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  • Design that is based on a meticulous analysis of our clients' DNA. Years of experience have allowed us to implement a daring professional agenda and a bold approach.

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  • A dynamic alignment of an organization's work patterns with its future work environment to enable peak performance and reduce costs.

  • From architects, consultants and engineers to project managers, we assemble accomplished professional teams for every project, who adhere to standards of excellence.

  • A comprehensive process that provides all planning and implementation services under one roof, allowing clients to benefit from more effective timeframes (up to 40% reduction) and budgeting.

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  • Helping clients select the appropriate property for workplace design, in accordance with their needs based on accumulated tools and knowledge that analyze diverse data, uncover true asset potential, and address issues that should be taken into consideration before making a final decision.

Curious about our work? Here’s a glimpse.

Fueled by passion and intention, we put everything we have into every one of our projects. We invite you to take a look.

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We’re process-driven. Buckle up.

Over the years, we've refined our very own approach. Methodical, meticulous and highly inventive, our process is designed to provide a clear understanding of the project's full scope, down to the smallest components, allowing our clients to benefit from structure and transparency.

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