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AI21 Labs

  • Project
    AI21 Labs
  • SQM / SQF
    6,500 / 70,000
  • Location
    Tel Aviv
  • Team
    Albert Levin / Daniel Madmon
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Located at the beating heart of Tel Aviv, AI 21 is a cutting edge company that specialized in language models. Our task was to learn the company DNA and to express it in their new office complexes we planned for their 500 employees.


We've creates a space for people to share and collaborate.

A 6500 sqm project, that located in Tel Aviv, Israel, just minutes from the heart of the city and the main transport routes. The company specialized in language models, that is an artificial intelligence system designed to understand and generate human language. Trained on vast datasets, it learns linguistic patterns and structures to predict and generate coherent text.

These models leverage advanced algorithms, often based on transformer architectures, to capture contextual relationships in language. Language models are versatile tools, used for tasks such as text completion, translation, and sentiment analysis. They play a crucial role in natural language processing, enhancing communication between humans and machines.

We don’t design offices, we design platforms that can serve as a basis for changes in this dynamic world

For a young and rapidly growing company, that create the cutting-edge technology of the future, we first engaged the process with our “Workplace strategy” method. A deep dive in study process of the company that as a result of which a document was created that brings together all the company’s needs, expectations and desires.

This document was a catalyst for creating a unique and customized plan for the company that dealt with complexities from the individual level to the department and floor level. Planning that expresses the principles of collaborative workspace, shared spaces and hi end design.

A good workplace cultivates a positive and inclusive atmosphere, where open communication, mutual respect, and opportunities for professional growth contribute to a thriving and motivated team.

Working together

Collaborative workspaces foster innovation and productivity by providing a platform for diverse talents to come together, share ideas, and pool their expertise. The synergy that emerges from collaborative environments often leads to creative problem-solving, efficient task execution, and a sense of collective achievement, driving overall success for teams and organizations.

Let’s start the day together

One of the challenges in the project was that the large typical floor, about 4500 sqm of floorspace, which was also not symmetrical. The planning began with many questions, one of which was how the employee starts his day, where he makes his morning coffee, where and how does it start the first interaction of the day. That’s why we decided to set up real coffee shop in the center of the floor in form of an airstream food truck, a center of gravity to start and end the day with. A place to meet other colleagues or just a place to seat with your laptop and have a good drink.