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    6,200 / 66,700
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    Albert Levin / Daniel Madmon / Dina Bar Reshef
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Step into the future of logistics and pharmaceutical synergy with our latest interior design project. This endeavor revolves around crafting a workspace tailored for a logistics company specializing in pharmaceutical supply.


Strategic Symbiosis: The Nexus of Logistics Excellence and Pharmaceutical Precision

In this innovative interior design office project, the fusion of logistics and pharmaceutical concepts is manifested through a thoughtfully curated space that prioritizes efficiency, compliance, and a healing environment. The office layout is strategically organized to emulate the streamlined processes of logistics, optimizing workflow for pharmaceutical supply chain management.

Clean lines, modular workstations, and smart storage solutions enhance operational efficiency, while dedicated spaces for quality control and compliance ensure the highest standards in pharmaceutical handling. The overall aesthetic incorporates calming colors, greenery, and natural light, creating a workspace that fosters focus and well-being for professionals engaged in the critical task of supplying pharmaceuticals.

Bridging Realms: A Unifying Interior Design Project Connecting Two Worlds

The employees of the Sarel industries live their routine lives working between two worlds. On the one hand, the company is responsible for international logistics transportation, and on the other hand, it engages in cutting-edge innovation in its field in a high-tech environment.

We wanted to reflect these two worlds in the interior design and to connect the rough logistics occupation dealing with warehouses, containers, boxes, machines and rough exterior work, and the delicacy of working in a medical environment in surgery rooms, clean rooms, with machines and cutting-edge technologies.

Dive into our visionary interior design project that redefines the conventional boundaries between exterior and interior spaces. This concept revolves around blending combination of finesse and roughness.

Company’s identity

In this innovative interior design office project, the juxtaposition of finesse and roughness takes centre stage, creating a captivating and dynamic workspace. The design strategically integrates sleek and refined elements, such as polished surfaces and modern furniture, with raw and textured features, like exposed concrete and industrial-inspired accents. This harmonious contrast not only adds visual interest but also reflects the duality of the company’s identity. The finesse exudes professionalism and sophistication, while the roughness injects an authentic and grounded energy, resulting in a unique office environment that seamlessly balances elegance with an industrial edge.


A combination of the two worlds, interior and exterior, was not only reflected in the interior design, but in practice in the planning and the relationship between the exterior areas of the company and the interior. This was reflected in the company’s balconies, the largest of which measures 900 square meters. A size that made the balcony much more than a leisure area, and required precise planning for the various uses.