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SOK Milenia Tower

  • Project
    SOK Milenia Tower
  • SQM / SQF
    6,500 / 70,000
  • Location
    Rishon LeTsyon. Israel
  • Team
    Albert Levin / Paz Cohen
  • Photographer
  • Year

A second location we design for the branch, a cutting-edge coworking space designed to inspire creativity, collaboration, and innovation. The biggest and the most unique coworking in Russia who chose Israel as the first country to its global expansion.


SOK as innovate Hub, a dynamic coworking oasis

The project is located in a prestigious office tower in the western part of RishonLeZion, frontline to the Mediterranean sea, adjacent to upper middle class residential areas of one of the largest cities in Israel.

Our office was chosen to lead the company’s strategy nationwide and to create a flexible office platform that can be adjusted to any size client with hi end design but still a kind that addresses the young generation. A place where aesthetics meet functionality. From open, collaborative workspaces to private nooks for focused work, the layout encourages productivity and fosters a sense of community.

Focusing on diverse community thriving. A space for networking events, skill-sharing sessions, and collaborative initiatives that forge meaningful connections among professionals from various industries.