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Wework Sarona

  • Project
    Wework Sarona
  • SQM / SQF
    4,200 / 45,210
  • Location
    Tel Aviv
  • Team
    Albert Levin / Nesti Mor
  • Photographer
    Oleg Balzanov
  • Year

Our office was chosen to support the company penetration to the local market. With four locations, which spreaded across approximately 12,000 sqm, our office has gained a significant experience in understanding the right formula for planning efficient and dynamic coworking spaces.


Revolutionizing the global traditional office environment

Wework is a unique company with a very distinct design line which our goal was to give a local reference to each location according to its uniqueness. If it’s a complex in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, the atmosphere is completely different and the locations needed to get attention to that.

The real challenge, however, was in the planning, finding the perfect balance between maximum members occupancy while preserving the user experience in the complex.

Wework places has a strong emphasis on fostering a sense of community among members. Design elements are often curated to encourage interaction and collaboration.

Common areas, lounges, and shared amenities are strategically designed to promote networking and exchange of ideas.