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A Greener Workplace

by LVN Studio

Interviewer: Olivia Harrison
Interviewee: Shani Davi

Exposure to plants in the workplace may seem inconsequential if you have never experienced an environment that promotes greenery in the offices. However, as a business, it is crucial to consider questions such as how to create a more productive and efficient workplace, as well as how to contribute to the daily happiness of employees. One of the answers to this could be greenery in the office.

In a Norwegian study from 1995-96, a research team studied 60 office workers, half of whom had plants in the office and the other half did not. The researchers found that when plants were present in the office, there was a “psychological and physiological stress reduction, increased ability to refocus attention, mental restoration and reduced mental fatigue, and reduced pain perceptions in health care settings.” In another study done by UTS research in 2010, integrating greenery in the workplace saw a 37% reduction in anxiety, 44% reduction in office hostility, reduced chronic fatigue by nearly 40%, and a 58% reduction in reported depression. These findings further emphasis the importance of incorporating greenery in the workplace. The presence of plants can rejuvenate and nurture its environment, promoting wellbeing of the employee, reducing stress, and enhancing job satisfaction.

“As humans, it’s natural for us to retreat to nature to unwind and de-stress, and bringing nature indoors does the exact same thing, just at a smaller scale. Greenery has been shown to be beneficial to our mental health, and that relaxation we feel when we look at plants makes us feel more at home.” – Gray Malin

by Gray Malin

“At LVN, we envision designs where plants become an integral part of the space, even working on projects where the entire ceiling is made up of greenery. We love using moss, pothos, monstera, sansevieria and philodendron.”- Shani

by Shani

Plants only uplift a space and transform even the dullest of environments which is why it is crucial for us to push the use of greenery. Our approach is to create only positive environments where the workers genuinely look forward to going in.

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