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The Newest Addition to LVN

by LVN Studio

Interviewer: Olivia Harrison
Interviewee: Ariella Snayder

Ariealla Snayder, the newest hire for LVN Studios, said she chose to work here because of the professionalism, good energy, and Albert Levin’s trust in her. After being offered the job during the interview, she accepted because of Albert’s effort in finding employees with a fun demeanor and good work ethic. She left the interview feeling impressed by the work he showcased and the standards he set for the workplace. 

Immediately upon arriving at the office, Ariella jumped into the waters of interior design. When given an assignment, she learned how to use specific features of the design program, and the rest was left up to her. She found herself continuing to surprise herself and learning quickly. Although she was initially unfamiliar with the interior design software that LVN uses, she quickly adapted and was supported by the other employees in her efforts to learn.

“I feel like I know so much more than I did three months ago which is always what you want. I do not feel super micromanaged which has allowed me to grow on my own time.” – Ariella Snayder

by Ariella Snayder

At the company, everyone is an interior designer for a specific project from the start to end. Within a specific project, Ariella works alongside Albert in communication with over fifty team members, trying to navigate various aspects of projects from AC consultants, electricians, engineers, and more. Because of this, Ariella has to be prepared for any sort of question or roadblock that comes in her way throughout a project.  

Even though she studied interior design in school, getting to the workplace and working on real-life projects is always a big step up. She learned that interior designers are always expected to prioritize functionality over design concepts, and to keep her priorities in line with the clients and Albert. Working with LVN has taught her how much to pay attention to details and make sure nothing goes overlooked. 

“It is a small company which has a lot of advantages. I feel like Albert gives me a lot of room to be creative. He lets me pick specific pieces like tiles and woods myself, then we come together to discuss it. The idea that I communicate with my boss so often is really nice. It creates a more intimate and flexible environment where we are learning.” – Ariella Snayder

by Ariella Snayder