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The LVN Process

by LVN Studio

Interviewer: Olivia Harrison
Interviewee: Albert Levin

The process at LVN Studio is tailor-made for each project worked on to provide the best for our clients. We follow a structured process that allows us to be cohesive and professional while providing open communication to ensure that clients are as involved as they want. To do this, we start the conversation with the client’s vision, the local constraints, and the space itself to get a complete understanding of the project. 

“Many interior design companies have a distinguished design language where the customer knows exactly what they are going to get when working with them. For us, adjusting ourselves to the client and the space is great because it is always new and a challenge in order to solve each client’s needs.”- Albert Levin

by Albert Levin

When designing a new interior for an office, we are essentially extracting the DNA of the space. To re-envision it through the client’s eyes, we have to constantly ask questions to understand their company values. How would they describe their design style? What is the company’s culture? Do they want an office neighborhood? Since LVN offers an end-to-end project, we advise the client through each step of the process from budgeting, timeline, and due diligence of an asset. We understand that most of our clients are not from this industry which is why customer engagement is important to make sure that the results line up with the requests being made.

LVN Studio is committed to bringing the most cutting edge technology to each project we undertake. To achieve this, we use AI engines to enhance our design process and organize our thoughts. These engines help us explore an array of design possibilities and find inspiration for each project. Moreover, LVN has the advantage of working on international projects and integrating some of their cultures, regions, and styles into our work. By integrating AI engines into our designs and leveraging our international projects, we can set ourselves apart from other interior design companies. Our goal is to innovate as markets change and always give our very best.