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Designing Offices for the Future

by LVN Studio

Interviewer: Olivia Harrison
Interviewee: Albert Levin

In order to create a flexible office, we have to think about a room’s potential in its entirety. Where will the company be in five or ten years? How can we optimize the space in order to allow it to change? Every company has its own evolution, and designers have to ensure that if a company wants to make changes in the future, it will be as easy as possible. 

In order to create a space that can be easily modified for an employee’s needs, LVN looks beyond the traditional work environment and into creating a space that is comfortable for employees to spend extensive hours in. Instead of having fixed desk positions for each worker and limited location options, we design spaces that can be changed according to the needs of the employee. Whether that be a sitting desk, standing desk, sofa, or eating area, we create dynamic spaces that can be modified for ever-changing demands. 

“Today, a space could be a conference room. Tomorrow, it can be an office space or four small meeting rooms and one small open space. Instead of adjusting the property to you, you adjust yourself to the property.” – Albert Levin

by Albert Levin

When repurposing a room throughout the day, it is important that technology and the physical environment are integrating seamlessly. The design should facilitate easy modifications to accommodate the needs of the employees at the minimum cost. As a company grows and the people evolve, flexibility is required in order for a space to meet the demands of a business landscape.

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