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The Life of an Intern at LVN

by LVN Studio

Interviewer: Olivia Harrison
Interviewee: Shai Galilna

Shai Galili worked with LVN Studios as an interior design summer intern.  This is a bit about how he spent his summer with us.

As a third-year architecture student from America, Shai was looking for an internship that reflected the interior design skills he was learning in school. With a desire to spend the summer in Israel, he decided to apply to LVN Studio’s as their summer intern. After an interview with Albert Levin, Shai was offered the job. 

On Shai’s first day at LVN, Albert took him to one of the projects they were working on as a way to introduce him to the role of an interior designer. He got to see the site after demolition and before construction which gave him a chance to witness how much work goes into each project. 

“Bringing him to one of the sites we’re working on was the sort of experience you would not have in the classroom. I wanted him to dive into the work here and experience one of our projects in real life. He then approached projects head on and went on to do such great work.” – Albert Levin

by Albert Levin

In the office, Shai would work on various projects independently, but would frequently meet with Albert to discuss his progress and any questions he may have. Shai said the biggest difference between working with the software programs at school as opposed to LVN is the heightened emphasis on generating highly specific and realistic models. From the support of the building down to the decoration on a coffee table, everything needs to be carefully curated. 

The biggest takeaway he got from his internship was how to take his time with projects and pay very close attention to detail. Since each deadline was very thoughtfully set and Albert was very particular about the details, Shai made sure he was on top of his work. When it was time for him to meet with Albert, he made sure everything was completed and any questions he had were ready to go. He did not consider Albert to be a micromanager and felt he had some room to be creative which is why he did not want to take advantage of this and make mistakes. 

“I found it all very satisfying. I had been learning these skills for the past two years in college and now I was applying it to real life projects. The work has real weight behind it. I remember talking to a client and felt my work was really contributing to something.” – Shai 

by Shai Galilna

Shai felt the culture at LVN was very focused and diligent, but also gave time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. The interns would have lunch together everyday and were always welcome to eat and chat with the other employees. Albert would also make it a habit of taking everyone out to dinner on occasion which added an element of closeness and fun. Shai said delving into these projects at LVN greatly improved his interior design skills and that he took everything he learned about interior design with him on future projects.