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The Covid Effect

by LVN Studio

Interviewer: Olivia Harrison
Interviewee: Albert Levin

When COVID-19 hit in early 2020, there was a large shift in how employees approached their work. Work has often been thought of as a destination to go to, not a thing to get done. This changed when the pandemic challenged the notion that productivity could only happen in a confined office space at a specific desk, between the hours of nine and five. For many employers, remote work brought unexpected advantages, empowering them to achieve work-life balance and a realization that work can be more than a confined concept.

Based on the Microsoft 2022 Work Trend Index, it has been observed that “53 percent of global workers are now more likely to prioritize well-being over work.” In response to this trend, companies have begun reimaging their work environments to foster a more uplifting and nurturing work environment. Mckinsey & Company, a global management and consulting firm, think offices should “change the attitude on the role of the office, reconstruct how work is done, redesign the workplace to support organizational priorities, and resize the footprint creatively.” By allowing employees to work in a way that benefits them most, companies are fostering a sense of community, autonomy, and work-life balance.

“We must place a stronger focus on modifying or redesigning workplace conditions. How can job environments be places that help people thrive rather than wearing them down?” – scientific american

by Scientific American

LVN Studio is looking at the positive impacts of COVID since these changes have enhanced the value of a workspace. If employees feel less incentive to go into work, companies are now proposing more amenities to their employees like gyms, locker rooms, and resting areas, in addition to making offices more accessible to employees. For those who are unable to come into the office, including elders who would prefer to work at home, disabled employees, or mothers, providing remote work can make their lives easier. COVID also prompted the Donut Effect, which is the shift of businesses out of city centers. A more spread-out distribution of companies can dramatically influence real estate prices, the size of a space, and layout. It has also affected client’s requests for a more hygienic work environment, including better ventilation, and hygiene stands.  LVN Studio implements any requested additions to a space that have the ability to uplift our psychological and functional health. 

“We were forced to separate work from a geographical location and to expand our vision of what a corporate space looks like. For some companies that means offering more amenities, having multiple office locations, creating a more accessible workspace, or more ventilation.” -Albert Levin

by Albert Levin

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