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The Incorporation of Biophilic Design

by LVN Studio

Interviewer: Olivia Harrison
Interviewee: Ariella Snayde

“Biophilia is the inherent human inclination to affiliate with nature that even in the modern world continues to be critical to people’s physical and mental health and wellbeing.” – Stephen. R Kellert and Edward Wilson, ‘The Biophilia Hypothesis’

by Stephen. R Kellert and Edward Wilson, ‘The Biophilia Hypothesis’

Biophilic design is a concept that integrates nature into an already-built environment. The idea stems from the word biophilia, which means a passionate love of life and of all that is alive. In a study by Terrapin Group, it was found that incorporating nature into our daily lives can increase productivity and well-being, as well as foster an environment that nurtures and uplifts its members.1

Steven Kellert, a social ecologist and pioneer in biophilic design, identified two dimensions to it: organic and place-based.2 Organic architecture was founded by famed architect and designer  Frank Lloyd Wright. Growing up surrounded by nature in rural Wisconsin, Wright pushed the idea of designing buildings that are inspired by and blend into their surrounding natural environment.  Place-based architecture is the idea that humans feel a geographic connection to a place because of the culture, history, and ecology of a location. Both of these dimensions of design are crucial to ensuring an uplifting and warm environment. 

“Consistent exposure to natural elements through biophilic design supports longevity and ensures that future generations maintain an affinity with nature, so that they will grow up to be stewards of the wild places and animals that make our planet magnificent.” – Maria McCain (NRDC)

by Maria McCain, (NRDC)

Employees spend extensive hours a day at work, so why not make the environment as welcoming and natural as possible? LVN Studios incorporates elements of natural design into as many projects as desired from clients. When the intent of a space is to foster productivity and boost the wellbeing of employees, incorporating nature into an interior can make a big impact. Biophilic design uses biomimicry, the process of mimicking natural patterns and forms, which can bring in more sunlight, incorporates greenery, and uses natural materials.

“Humans want to be connected to nature which is why we love to integrate these spaces with the natural world surrounding it. Biophilic design emphasizes sustainability and focuses on what the natural world has to offer us. Everything is very natural and connected to the environment surrounding it.” – Ariella Snayder

by Ariella Snayder

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