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A Workplace For All

by LVN Studio

Interviewer: Olivia Harrison
Interviewee: Albert Levin

“Disability is a strength rather than a weakness; it brings resilience, creativity, problem-solving, and a new perspective to life and work. The friction that may arise as a result of diverse perspectives, is essential for driving innovation and growth in a modern and competitive business environment.” – Henning Starholm Steen, Inclusion Manager and Neurodiversity Advocate, Tietoevry

by Henning Starholm Steen, Inclusion Manager and Neurodiversity Advocate, Tietoevry

Corporate values have the ability to change the way the employees feel about where they work. It can reflect a company’s high standards from within, and show others that they are conscious about their employees and the general public. Companies should ask themselves: how can we make our space the most inclusive environment for everyone?

Companies can often have a very conservative outlook on accessibility, thinking solely about physical accommodations like installing ramps, accessible bathrooms, widening doorways, and disabled parking. However, accessibility goes far beyond the physical requirements. Accessibility allows for not only disabled people, but others with various limitations to be active members of a community and feel like their needs are taken care of. To fully promote an equal-opportunity environment, companies should embrace a more holistic approach in order to promote diversity and a sense of belonging.

“Accessibility is the ability for all people to access, navigate, and use the environments equally, including physical and digital spaces. There is a myth that accessible workplaces, services, and content are required only by disabled people. However, absolutely everyone can benefit from them.” – Inklusiiv

by Inklusiiv

The objective of accessibility is that no one feels left behind. According to Inklusiiv, studies show that inclusive disability policies “have 30% higher profit margins and lower staff turnover than other similar organizations.” Additionally, research shows that accessible work environments see increased innovation, improved shareholder value, access to supplier ecosystem, and improved market share.

LVN strongly recommends having an accessibility consultant on every project they take on in order to create an open discussion with the client. From there, specific accessibility details about what they would like to implement into their facility can be ensured. By investing in an accessible workplace, companies are fostering an inclusive environment that improves productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

“Accessibility needs to be thought about from a variety of angles. From breast-feeding mothers, diabetes patients, those struggling with visual impairment, the features necessary to creating an equal opportunity environment are essential.” – Albert Levin

by Albert Levin