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Coworking spaces

by LVN Studio

Interviewer: Olivia Harrison
Interviewee: Albert Levin

Coworking is a term that describes a working arrangement where employees from different companies utilize a single space. The concept was founded by Brad Neuberg in 2005 when he founded the San Francisco Coworking Space at Spiral Muse as a way to combat his financial struggles and saving money on rent. The design idea popularized quickly, with the rate of coworking spaces doubling for seven years after its inception. Today, there are dozens of major coworking spaces including Wework, a company that LVN Studio designs for.

“Coworking offices have not been around long, but in that short time, they have skyrocketed into a global phenomenon. The mode of work is changing, and in no small part due to the success of coworking and flexible office spaces.” – Noga Grinberg from Mindspace

by Noga Grinberg from Mindspace

The goal of an interior designer is to maximize the functionality, effectiveness, and accessibility of space. For example, if you have space with a certain number of companies within, what changes are necessary to ensure the space is utilized in its entirety? Do we want to reduce the number of meeting rooms since they are often the least used spaces? Do we want to combine the workstations into one space instead of designing one for each company? We have to break down the program of a space in order to rebuild it again. These spaces gain a lot of added value because they become multi-use and are not confined to single-purpose spaces.

In the end, coworking spaces are a financial equation that needs to be understood to approach the design of a space. Since the rents of these spaces are short-term, it is a question about renting cost, planning budget, growing into a space, and knowing how to design it. LVN Studio excels at creating efficient workspaces that not only appeal to the end user, but that align with the business plan of the facility. We have designed numerous successful coworking spaces, making us one of the leading experts in this field.

“Co-working spaces are the idea of taking an office, breaking it down and reassembling it again. The tricky part is that if you make it too dense, people will be uncomfortable and go but if you make it too spread out, it is not financially justified. We work hard to get to the sweet spot to make everyone happy.” – Albert Levin

by Albert Levin

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